Individual Therapy

The Most Important Person In Your Life Is You

The Most Important Person In Your Life Is You

Individual therapy is the most common form of therapy. It allows for a safe and confidential environment for the client, as well as a close relationship with the therapist. Individuals go to therapy for a variety of reasons, but no matter what those reasons are, the goal of the therapy is to work through problems and achieve personal goals. Our therapists will answer questions you have about individual therapy, as well as do their best to meet your needs as best as possible. They also can easily track your progress through individual therapy sessions so you can see how therapy has affected your life.

Individual therapy isn’t just for those who are struggling with disorders or behavioral issues, but is for those who are living in a stressful environment, who want to work on their own personal growth, or who are struggling with dealing with stress. Individual therapy can help with all of these things, giving many benefits. At NV Behavioral Health Services, we want to make sure that you can easily get any therapy you need. We offer a variety of options for individual therapy, and give affordable pricing. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of individual therapy, or want to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us today.


Trauma can happen to anyone, and is an important issue when discussing well-being and mental health. Our expert therapists will work with you through your trauma experiences, as well as give you methods and techniques for overcoming those traumatic issues. We understand trauma is something that can stop you from achieving your personal best, and want to work with you to achieve your personal goals.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence unfortunately can cause many mental health problems, such as depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, be sure to reach out and get the proper authorities involved. We offer special domestic violence therapy, helping you to work through these stressful and scary situations and giving you tools you can use to move forward. We want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable, especially within your home environment.

Substance Abuse or Addiction

Substance abuse or addiction can be debilitating for someone trying to succeed in their own life and career. Our therapists will work closely with you to give you tools you can use to work through addiction or abuse, and track your goals to get clean and sober.

Dealing with Mood Disorders

Mood disorders include things like bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia), and others. All of these can affect day-to-day living and make things more difficult than they should be. Seeking help is important in working out the root cause of these disorders and finding solutions for them. Our therapists will help you to work through these disorders and give you tools to deal with them. Our goal is to make sure you can get through your day without worrying about these issues stopping you from being your best self.


Personality Disorders

There are many types of personality disorders, including antisocial personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder. These disorders can alter a person’s functionality and how they succeed within life. It can be difficult to succeed if you struggle with one of these, which is why seeking help is beneficial. Our therapists will work closely with you to mitigate these disorders, walking you through ways to help cope and get through them. We want to improve your quality of life and can do so by giving you effective treatment.


Psychosis comes in many forms, but is mainly a lack of distinction between what is real and what isn’t. Psychosis can include hallucinations, delusions, eccentric thinking, vivid dreams, and loss of reality. This can be quite debilitating for an individual or their family, and as such, they should be given treatment. We offer special therapy targeted at psychosis, working with the patients to mitigate the effects and make life more manageable and enjoyable.



Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be problematic in that it causes the inability to focus. Getting a proper diagnosis and treatment is helpful in getting over ADHD, as it is very treatable. Our goal is to make sure you have the tools to work through your ADHD and be able to enjoy your life fully.

Relationship Issues

Every relationship will have ups and downs, but it’s important to have tools in place to have effective communication and methods to solving your relationship problems. Our therapists will work with you, and your partner, to find solutions to your relationship issues, as well as ways you both can help each other grow a more productive relationship.

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss can be difficult to manage, especially after an unexpected loss. Having a therapist to help you get through this difficult process can be beneficial. We offer grief therapy to give you the tools you need in order to process your grief properly.

Help Through Pandemic / Lifestyle Changes

It can be difficult navigating this uncertain time with the pandemic. Our therapists can help you with any anxiety or fear you might have during these times, and give you methods to use in coping with this uncertainty.

Fertility Issues

Fertility issues can cause stress for both an individual and a relationship. Our therapists will work with you and your partner to make sure you can communicate your stress effectively, and find solutions that work for you. We know this time can be stressful, and we offer support and care to help mitigate that stress.

Adjusting to Life After COVID

Many have anxiety due to the pandemic, and it’s important to seek help to work through that anxiety. Our therapists will coach you through techniques to work on your anxiety, and give you ways to empower and encourage you in pursuing your future goals and dreams.