Family Therapy

How to Decide if Family Therapy Is Right For You

How to Decide if Family Therapy Is Right For You

The saying “you can’t choose family” is nowhere near as important as in family therapy. Family therapy can be beneficial for many reasons, as it pulls family members closer together and allows them to better communicate with each other. It can also give a safe and confidential place for family members to work through their issues with the help of a licensed therapist.

It can be difficult knowing if family therapy is right for you, but it is important in helping to heal a broken family. If your family is one that has been affected by traumatic incidents, domestic abuse, violence, adoption, family scandals, infidelity, divorce, or other things, family therapy may help in resolving stress from those issues. Family therapy also encourages collaboration between family members, and a bigger general understanding within the family as a whole. Family therapy works to make families more fulfilled and successful, and better at communicating and relating to each other.

Family therapy isn’t just for your current family, but may also be beneficial for your future family. If you’re planning on having children or getting married, family therapy can give you the tools you need to help with family issues later in your life. Family therapists help family members to be more effective in their communication with each other, and find effective solutions to stressful problems. Using a family therapist gives you an effective way to work through issues with your family with the help of a mediator. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of family therapy, or want to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us.

Supportive Family Therapy

We offer supportive family therapy as a way to help your family work through stressful situations. Our therapists use encouragement, positivity, and support to get your family to better communicate with each other and find solutions to problems.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a common form of talk therapy. This type of therapy focuses on the roots of negative thoughts or opinions, and becoming more aware of them within your thought process. CBT is helpful in family therapy as it allows family members to find what triggers their negative thoughts and feelings, and work through those root issues. CBT can also help you to find ways to manage your emotional changes, and how to productively use your emotions.

Systemic Family Therapy

This type of family therapy looks at the family as an emotional unit. This therapy can be helpful in looking at individuals within the family as they affect the family as a whole. Our therapists can walk you through the benefits of systemic family therapy.

Bowenian Therapy

Bowenian therapy looks at the family with two different aspects: togetherness and individuality. The balance between these two can help make a family more successful and positive overall. Bowenian therapy looks at how the individuals within the family affect the family as a whole, and how helping one individual can help the whole family.


Family Resistance

Not every family member will be open to the idea of family therapy. Family resistance therapy focuses on resistant family members and helps them specifically with issues causing negativity and resistance. This type of therapy can differ in methods, whether confronting resistance head on or slowing down the therapy to work through the resistance. Family resistance therapy can be extremely beneficial for family members who are resistant or disrespectful to authority.

Structural Family Therapy

Structural family therapy focuses on strengths in a more ecosystemic approach to the family. The goal of structural family therapy is to improve communication within the family as well as how family members interact with each other. This type of therapy also looks at how sub relationships within the family function, such as those between siblings. Our therapists work with you in this type of therapy to improve communication between family members.


Family Interventions

Depending on your situation, you may have interventions that need to happen within your family. Our therapists are trained to make sure your family can have an intervention within a confidential and safe environment. Our therapists also can lead the intervention and structure it according to your needs. Effective interventions can help give solutions to problems and improve communication between family members.

Psychodymanic Ideas

Psychodynamic ideas therapy looks at the drives that cause human functioning, specifically those of unconsciousness. Psychodynamic theory takes into account the impact of childhood on adult behaviors and thinking. It looks at how the family influenced an individual’s childhood and how that affected the individual as an adult. Psychodynamic ideas therapy can help specifically individuals within a family.

Adjusting to Life After COVID

Family life has been significantly affected by the pandemic as more families are forced to live together due to cost and social distancing. This can add stress to the family. Using a therapist to help individual family members, or the family as a whole, transition into the post-COVID lifestyle can relieve much of this stress and allow for productive relationships.