Therapy Options Available for Anyone

Starting therapy isn’t always easy, but we make the process smooth and simple, pairing you with a recommended therapist based on our calibration of your needs. We also make it easy to switch therapists, should you feel you don’t quite click with one of them, and offer a no-judgment, confidential, and safe environment for you to get the help you need. Our options for therapy are also very affordable, as we don’t want to discourage anyone from getting treatment due to an overly expensive cost. Our goal at NV Behavioral Health Services is to make sure you get the help you need to make your life more successful and fulfilling. This comes through gaining tools and treatment in effective therapy sessions.

We hire only properly licensed and trained therapists who range in multiple types of therapy. All of our therapists are friendly and engaging and will work closely with you to make sure your needs are being met. They will challenge you to strive for personal goals and teach you tools you can use for coping with stressful situations. Our therapists differ in their methods, but all have the same goal: giving effective treatment to improve your life. In treating you or your loved one, our therapists have the same goals as you do. We offer a support system that gives you the encouragement and tools you need to succeed.

No matter what type of therapy you need, we want to help you. We offer group therapy, such as family therapy or couples therapy, for those needing help with stressful environments affecting both them and their loved ones. Our goals are to make sure you get effective treatment in a safe and encouraging environment. Getting therapy gives you a chance to work on your own self-development and self-growth, learning more about yourself in the process. We work closely with you to make sure your goals are being met. In this way you can track your progress and see how your therapy has helped you achieve success and fulfillment within your life.

pediatric/adolescent Therapy

Therapy can never start too young. Therapy for children provides many benefits, including teaching methods of effective communication, thought processes, and child empowerment.

Geriatric Therapy

Aging can be a difficult process, but having a therapist to guide and support you through the process makes things so much smoother. We offer therapy for many different symptoms of aging.

Couples Therapy

Every romantic relationship has its ups and downs. Knowing how to effectively communicate and support each other in the hard times will help make your relationship successful and productive.

Family Therapy

We offer several types of family therapy, focusing on individuals within the family and the family as a whole. We teach methods for better communication and interaction between family members.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy has many benefits, including motivating you and helping you reach your personal goals. Our therapists will work closely with you to get you the help you need.