NV Behavioral Health

NV Behavioral Health

Mental health has always been an important component in our practice at NV Behavioral Health Services, and we believe it is the foundation for a successful and fulfilled lifestyle. We strive to make sure that the stigma and barriers of discussing mental health are broken down by offering a safe and no-judgment environment for our clients to get the help they need. We want our clients to grow in their self-development and to achieve their goals, and we do that by pairing them with effective and engaging therapists. In offering a wide range of therapy, from family therapy to couples counseling to individual sessions, our goal is to help as many as we can. Effective therapy can change a person’s life, and we pride ourselves in being an organization that can do that for our clients.

Unlike other behavioral health companies, our goal is to also make therapy affordable for anyone who may need it. Therapy can be an extremely expensive endeavor, which discourages many from getting the help they need. By offering affordable options to our clients, we make getting help much easier and more accessible for anyone who may need it.

Our work was inspired by two amazing women: Myrna Williams (or Myrna Torme) and Harriet Sheldon. Both of these women led selfless lives, and worked hard to improve the lives of others. We take their goals and work to heart, and pride ourselves in carrying out their legacies. You can read more about each woman below.

Myrna Williams

Myrna Williams was the Clark County Commissioner in Nevada in the 1990s. She worked on multiple school and organization boards, helping to improve the conditions within her community. She worked to inspire those around her to become better mentors and leaders within her area.

Harriet Sheldon

Harriet Sheldon founded the UNLV School of Social Work and was the chair of the Department of Social Services at the College of Liberal Arts. She paved the way and built the foundation for all social workers and therapists in Las Vegas, working hard to make sure all were welcome, and encouraged an environment of learning and self-development.